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Introductory training videos

As part of our commitment to product education, we're pleased to offer free access to recordings of our introductory training courses. There are 6 different courses, designed to onboard new team members using the Fiix CMMS, or to give existing users a refresher on the basics. 

You can view recordings for any of the sessions using the links below.




System Overview

  • Basic navigation
  • Guest work requests
  • Asset hierarchy
  • Adding assets, documents, and files
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Work orders
  • Inventory
  • Fiix Mobile


Work orders

  • Managing guest requests

  • General work order process and flow

  • Scheduling work orders

  • Using the Fiix mobile app for work orders


Scheduled maintenance

  • Building and maintaining task groups

  • Creating scheduled maintenance and triggers

  • Nesting preventive maintenance schedules

  • Projecting and load-balancing preventive maintenance


Purchasing and RFQs

  • Managing suppliers

  • Creating and managing purchase requests

  • Creating and managing RFQs

  • Approving and sending purchase orders

  • Receiving purchase orders

  • Useful purchasing reports


Inventory, parts, and supplies

  • Creating new parts

  • Adding and managing parts locations

  • Managing bill of material (BOM) groups

  • Setting minimum quantities for parts

  • Consuming parts on work orders

  • Planning parts on preventive maintenance

  • Performing inventory counts

  • Useful reports


Basic reporting

  • Running pre-configured business reports

  • Making basic modifications to pre-configured reports

  • Creating a basic report


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