Add or remove user seats (licenses)

Before you begin

Only Account Owners can add user seats (licenses).

Changing your number of user seats will affect your plan's monthly or annual cost. Plans paid using credit cards will be updated automatically, while plans using electronic funds transfer (EFT) or check have 15 days to remit payment.

For more information on updating your billing information, see Change payment information.

This article outlines how to adjust your number of user seats (licenses) in your CMMS:

Add user seats (licenses)

Increasing the number of user seats allows you to add more active users to your CMMS. Each seat (license) allows you to add one more active user.

In your CMMS, Users refers the the number of user seats (licenses) available, and Actual refers to the number of seats being used by active users.

Number of User Seats and Actual Users capture from Account Settings

To adjust the number of user seats (licenses) on your plan:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Account settings.

  2. Click Add Seats.

    Add Seats button with orange callout from Account Settings page
  3. In the Users field, type the preferred number of seats.

    Number of users form field with orange call out in Account Settings
  4. Click Upgrade.


Remove seats

To remove user seats or adjust your subscription, please Contact support.

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