Edit custom fields on a work order

Before you begin

Custom fields on work orders are only available to customers on the Enterprise tier, and this feature must be enabled by an administrator before you can use it. To learn more about enabling this feature, see Enable editing custom fields in the mobile app.

Custom fields allow you to add additional information about work orders, beyond the standard fields that your CMMS provides. They are configured in the web app, but you can view and update their values using the mobile app. To learn more about configuring custom fields, see Add a custom drop-down list/table to a work order and rearrange.


Once you've loaded custom fields, you'll be able to update them even if you're using the app offline. To load custom fields for the first time, follow steps 1-2 below while you're using the app online.

To edit a custom field on a work order using the mobile app:

  1. In the feature menu, tap Work orders.

  2. Tap the work order you want to edit.

  3. In the Details tab, tap More details:

  4. If the list of custom fields is long, you can find the field you want to edit by doing one of the following:

    • To search for the field, tap the Search button(search_icon.png). Type the name of the field.

    • To filter the list, tap the Filter button (filter_icon.png). You can filter by field value (i.e. whether the field is blank or has a value) or data type (date, drop-down list, etc.)

  5. Tap the field you want to edit.

  6. Enter or select the correct value (depending on what type of field you're editing).

  7. Tap Submit.

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