Close a work order

Closing a work order indicates that you're done working on it. This could be because you've already completed all of the tasks associated with it or because you've determined that the work doesn't actually need to be completed (for example, if duplicate work orders were created by mistake).

In the mobile app, closed work orders are displayed in the Done tab for 24 hours. After that point, you can view them in the web app, or by viewing the asset's work order history in the mobile app (if this feature is enabled).

To close a work order:

  1. In the feature menu, tap Work orders.

  2. Select the work order you want to close.

  3. In the Status drop-down list, select a status that corresponds to "closed" (for example, "Closed, Completed"):

    The Status drop-down list in a work order

    If you have open tasks associated with the work order, the app displays a warning:

  4. To cancel the status change (so that you can mark the tasks as complete), tap Cancel. To close the work order anyway, tap Yes.

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