Release notes: Work order insights (BETA)

This article summarizes the features and bug fixes released for Work Order Insights (BETA).

November 15, 2021

Work order insights is now divided into 2 reports:

  • Active work orders, which shows risks for open work orders. You can use it to intervene in urgent, risky work orders while they're still in progress. This is the same report that was already available in the CMMS, just with an updated name.

  • Closed work orders, which summarizes risks from your closed work orders. You can use it for post-mortem work and to identify trends you want to address in future work orders. This is a new report in the CMMS; it was previously only available as an emailed report.

September 10, 2021

This is the initial release for the Work Order Insights BETA. In this release we brought the existing Work Order Insights report into the CMMS and improved the root cause and diagnosis descriptions.

To learn more, see About work order insights.

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