Release notes: September 27, 2021

This release includes the following changes:

API enhancements

Our API (version 2.26.0) now supports adding time-based scheduled maintenance triggers using the following new RPCs:

  • addHourlyTrigger

  • addDailyTrigger

  • addWeeklyTrigger

  • addMonthlyTrigger

  • addYearlyTrigger

To learn more, see our API Reference guide.


Miscellaneous costs in mobile

Before you begin

There are additional permissions you must enable before users can access this feature. To learn more, see Enable miscellaneous costs in the mobile app.

You can now view, add, and edit miscellaneous (unplanned) costs directly in the mobile app using the new Costs tab in work orders:


When a work order has miscellaneous costs associated with it, the app shows the most recent costs first. To add a new cost, click the + button and then click Add cost:


From there, you can add the necessary cost information:


To learn more, see Add miscellaneous costs to a work order.


This feature supports custom translations. To learn more about customizing the translations in your CMMS, see Customize text in the mobile app.


Additional mobile enhancements

In addition to the miscellaneous costs feature, this release also includes the following mobile enhancements:

  • The new Parts permissions allow administrators to control which users can view, add, and update parts on work orders. To learn more, see Enable parts in the mobile app.

  • The Work Orders feature in the iOS app now includes a sync button. This means that you can now sync the app directly in the Work Orders feature, as well as in the More screen:


Update field in tables

The following tables now include an intUpdated field:

  • tblAssetOfflineTracker

  • SiteUserGroup

  • SiteUser

This field displays information about when the record was last updated. You can use this information to find updated records using our API.


Asset hierarchy in Financials

You can now navigate directly to a child asset's record in the Financials tab. Previously, you could only view the cost summary for the child assets. Now, you can click the new GO link to navigate directly to the child asset's record:


Bug fixes

The following bugs were fixed in this release:




Fixed an issue that could occur if you customized the Pass and Fail labels for an inspection task. When the task failed, the app didn't send notifications. Now, the app sends the notifications you configure, as expected.

Fixed an issue where the Android app didn't display parts that had the same part code.


Fixed an issue in the iOS app where you couldn't search on all expected fields for parts. Now, you can search for parts by name, code, description, inventory code, and stock location, as expected.

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