View the parts forecast report

Before you begin

This feature is currently in beta. To learn more, contact your Fiix representative.

You can access your parts forecast report directly in the CMMS by navigating to Analytics BETA > Parts Forecast BETA:


The app displays your report for the current reporting period:


Each row in the table shows predicted usage per part, per site. In other words, you could have multiple rows for the same part if it's stocked at more than one site.

The table includes the following information:




The site you need to purchase this part for.

Part Code

The code for the part you need to purchase.

A part's code is defined in the Code field of its part record in Supplies > Parts and Supplies).


The name of the part you need to purchase.

A part's name is defined in the Name field of its part record in Supplies > Parts and Supplies.

Predicted Unplanned Usage

The number of parts we predict you'll use on unplanned maintenance at that site during the prediction period.

Stock on Hand

The number of parts you currently have in stock at that site.

Minimum Stock Quantity

The minimum quantity for this part at that site

A part's minimum quantity is defined (per site) in the Stock Levels Per Location section of its part record in Supplies > Parts and Supplies > Stock.

To learn more about minimum quantities, see Getting started with parts and supplies.

Recommended Purchase Quantity

The number of parts we recommend that you purchase for that site.

This recommendation takes into account the predicted parts usage, stock on hand, and minimum stock quantity.

For example, if we predict that you'll need 20 parts this month, and you have 30 on hand with a minimum stock quantity of 15, we'd recommend that you purchase 5 parts. This would allow you to use the 20 predicted parts, while still maintaining the minimum quantity of 15.

Prediction Effective Week

The week that the prediction is for.

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