Purchase planning board FAQs

This article answers frequently asked questions about the purchase planning board. Use the links below to jump to the appropriate question:

How are purchase requests sorted?

Requests are sorted by their associated supplier:

  • If your selected supplier is already listed on the board because of another request, the supplier category will stay in the same position and your request will be listed under the previous request.

  • If your selected supplier isn’t already listed on the board, both the supplier and your request will be added  to the bottom of the list.


What happens to a supplier section when all of its purchase requests are purchased?

If there are no pending requests under a supplier, it will be removed from the Purchase Planning Board until it is associated with a new request.


How do I delete all but one purchase request for a supplier?

If the supplier is selected along with its requests, it will be deleted from the board. This will cause your remaining request to go back under No Associated Supplier. To do this, it is recommended to individually select each request to delete.

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