Release Notes: December 10, 2020

This release includes the following changes:

Customized translations for mobile

You can now use our existing customized translations feature to customize some of the text that appears in the mobile app for the following languages:

  • Danish

  • English

  • French

  • German

  • Norwegian

  • Portuguese

  • Russian

  • Spanish

  • Swedish

Previously, customized translations could only be displayed in the web app. Now, the mobile app will display customized translations in cases where:

  • The customized translation is set as the default language for your CMMS, and

  • The user's device is set to use that language


If a user is already logged in when you save customized translations, they will have to log out and log back in before they see the updated text.

For example, if the default language is set to a customized version of English, and the user's device is set to display English, the user will see the customized English terms in the app. To learn more, see About customized translations.

To support this feature, we made the following changes:

  • Renamed the old Mobile Keys tab to Legacy Mobile Keys. This tab was used to customize text in our legacy mobile app.

  • Added a new Mobile Keys tab where you can customize text in our new mobile app.

To change the text that's displayed in the mobile app, type your new text in the My Translation field in the new Mobile Keys tab:

The Mobile Keys tab in a custom localization

To make sure that your text will be displayed correctly (i.e. that there will be enough space for it), try to keep your translated text the same number of characters as the default text we provide.

To learn more about customizing translations for the mobile app, see Customize text in the mobile app. To learn which strings you can customize (and where they're displayed in the app), see Mobile app key library


Mobile lockout

After 5 failed login attempts, the mobile app now locks users out temporarily.


Task notes for additional work

In the iOS app, you can now add task notes when you're logging additional work against a task. Previously, the Task Notes field was only displayed the first time you logged work against a task. Now, we display the field when you're logging additional work as well.


This functionality was already available in the Android app.

The notes you add to additional work are not displayed in the web application; currently, it only displays notes that were recorded against the initial work that was logged for each task. However, you can still access these notes both in reports and in the mobile app.


Unique email addresses for free accounts

To prevent duplicate accounts, we now require that you use a unique email address when signing up for a free account.


Bug fixes

The following bug was fixed in this release:




The Android app now syncs files you upload, as expected.


Some of the page permissions for Work Orders were not displayed (in Settings > User Groups > Page Permissions > Work Orders). Now, the app displays all page permissions, as expected.

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