Release Notes: November 16, 2020

This release includes the following changes to our Android app:

To learn more about these changes, use the links above to jump to the corresponding section in these release notes.

Task notes for additional work

In the Android app, you can now add task notes when you're logging additional work against a task. Previously, the Task Notes field was only displayed the first time you logged work against a task. Now, we display the field when you're logging additional work as well.


We will be adding this functionality to the iOS app in an upcoming release.

The notes you add to additional work are not displayed in the web application; currently, it only displays notes that were recorded against the initial work that was logged for each task. However, you can still access these notes both in reports and in the mobile app.

Bug fixes

This release included the following fixes for our Android app:




Fixed an issue where the app sometimes crashed when you tried to upload large files for assets or work orders.


Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented you from scanning parts, assets, or work orders.


You can now upload files from external storage (e.g. an SD card).


Fixed an issue where, in rare cases, the app crashed if you scrolled the work order list quickly.

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