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This article explains how to set your password for a brand-new Fiix user account. If you're looking to change your password for an existing account, see Change your password instead.

When your administrator creates your user account, you'll receive an automated email with information about logging in. This email will differ slightly depending on whether your administrator already set a password for you:

  • If your administrator set a password on your behalf, they will send your password to you separately, and your welcome email doesn't include a Create Password link:

    Welcome email with the username highlighted, along with the note that the administrator already set a password.

    If you need to log in but don't have your password yet, contact your administrator directly.

  • When your administrator configures your account so that you set your own password, you'll see a Create Password link in your welcome email:

    Welcome email with the username, Create Password link, and instructions highlighted.

    Complete the steps below to set your password.

To set your password:

  1. Click the Create Password link in your welcome email.

  2. In the dialog that appears, enter (and re-enter) a password:

    The Change User Password dialog with a new password entered in the New Password and Repeat New Password fields.
  3. Click OK.

You can now log in using the password you just set and the username your administrator assigned (which is listed in the welcome email).


Need help coming up with a secure password? Check out our Password requirements article.

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