Release Notes: October 13, 2020

This release includes the following changes:

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Updated process to delete businesses

To prevent the unexpected loss of historical data, we've updated the process for deleting businesses.

Previously, users could delete businesses that were associated with other records, such as assets and receipts. Now, users must remove these associations before they can delete businesses. This change is consistent with the deletion behavior in other areas of the application, such as assets and parts.


Assign to field in work orders

To address an issue that occurred when you assigned work orders in the mobile app, the Assign To field is now read-only:

A work order with the Assign to field highlighted.

The field displays any users who are assigned tasks in the work order. To add a user to the field, assign them a task in the Tasks tab.

To help clarify this change, we've added helper text just below the field (as displayed in the image above).

Note: This text will be translated in the next mobile release.


Part descriptions

The mobile app now displays part descriptions in the Details tab of the Parts feature:

The Details tab of the Parts feature with the Description field highlighted.

Preview images

You can now pinch to zoom in or out on preview images in the mobile app.

In the Android app, you can also now open these images within the app, rather than having to download them to your device. This change is consistent with the existing behavior in the iOS app.


Session timeout

Mobile app sessions no longer automatically time out after you've been idle for a month.


Bug fixes

The following bugs were fixed in this release:




Work orders created in the mobile app no longer include an additional empty task.


The iOS app no longer populates default priority and maintenance type when they are left blank.

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