Release Notes: September 14, 2020

This release includes the following changes:

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Upgrade button


This feature is only displayed to customers on the Lite tier.

To simplify the upgrade process for users on the Lite tier, we've added an Upgrade button at the top of the feature menu:

The top portion of the feature menu with the Upgrade button highlighted.

When you click Upgrade, the app displays information about the pricing and feature availability for all of our tiers. You can upgrade to another tier by clicking one of the Upgrade to this Plan buttons, which opens a window where you can input your billing and account information.


Bug fixes

The following bugs were fixed in this release:




In some cases, scheduled maintenance with floating, time-based triggers generated work orders the day after the last work order was closed (rather than respecting the trigger schedule) if the Create Work Order On Start Date checkbox was selected. Now, these work orders trigger according to the floating schedule, as expected.


Improved the load time for user profiles.

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