Release Notes: August 31, 2020

This release includes the following changes:

Preventing negative stock with FIFO

To prevent data corruption, we now automatically disable negative stock when FIFO is enabled.

This means that when you enable FIFO, we automatically select the Don't allow for stock level to go negative, limit to 0 option in Settings > CMMS Settings > Asset Categories> Parts and Supplies > Settings, so that you can't consume stock that's not in your inventory:

The Settings tab, with the Don't allow for stock level to go negative, limit to 0 option highlighted.

As part of this change, we now also display a message when users enable FIFO, informing them that negative stock will automatically be disabled.

Editing stock details in the mobile app

Before you begin

This feature must be enabled by an administrator before users can access it. To learn more. see Enable editing stock details in the mobile app.

Users can now edit the following stock details, directly in the mobile app:

  • Quantity on hand (online only)

  • Aisle

  • Row

  • Bin

When stock editing is enabled, the app displays a chevron next to the record on the part's Stock tab (accessible in the Parts feature and in the Work Orders feature when adding a new part):

The Stock tab of a part with the chevron highlighted.

To learn more about editing stock details, see Edit stock details.

Bug fixes

The following bugs were fixed in this release:




All records now update as expected when you process a cycle count.


The Android app no longer populates default priority and maintenance type when they are left blank.


Fixed a timeout issue that occurred in rare cases when users tried to view asset details.

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