Release Notes: August 18, 2020

This release includes the following changes:

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Packing slip field on receipts

Before You Begin

This feature is available to customers on the Professional and Enterprise tiers. Packing slip information can only be added to open receipts; you can't add it to any receipts that were already closed prior to this release.

You can now track packing slip information on receipts, which is useful for both reporting and integrations with other systems.

To add a packing slip to a receipt, add the packing slip information to the new Packing Slip field in Purchasing > Receipts:

A receipt with the Packing Slip field highlighted.
To learn more about receipts, see Receipts (or receiving parts).

Work order status transition table

The new work order status transition table allows you to report on the status change history for work orders. This data can be used in database exports, reports, APIs, and workflows.


Because this is a new table, it only includes status changes that occurred after August 15, 2020.

As part of this feature, we've also released the new Work Order Status Changes Between Two Dates report, which lists all work order status changes between the dates you select, including the date of the change, the work order ID, the ID for the user who made the change, and statuses the work order changed from and to.


Deprecated password cache feature

As many later browser versions have dropped support for this feature, we have removed the Disable browser caching of password information for all users checkbox (which was located in Settings > CMMS Settings > System).

If you need to change this setting, please contact a Fiix representative to change it on your behalf.


Bug fixes

The following bugs were fixed in this release:




An error occurred when users tried to open the Purchase Planning Board for specific sites, on one specific tenant.


In rare cases, hourly and daily SMs did not trigger work orders as expected.

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