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View tasks on a work order

Tasks allow you to track the labor that needs to be completed on your work orders. To view the tasks associated with a work order:

  1. In the mobile app, open the Work Orders feature.

  2. Tap a work order.

  3. Tap the Tasks tab.

  4. If your work order has multiple assets assigned to it, you can see tasks for the other assets by switching assets in the drop-down list:

    The Tasks tab of a work order with the asset drop-down list highlighted.

The remainder of this article helps you identify task statuses and task types. To learn about completing tasks, see Complete Tasks on a Work Order.

Task statuses

The color-coded stripe along the left edge of the task indicates its status:

  • A gray stripe indicates a "to do" task. In other words, this is a task that you haven't started working on yet:

    A task that hasn't been started yet, indicated with a gray stripe along the left edge.
  • A blue stripe indicates a task you've started working on. In other words, this is a task that has some time logged against it, but hasn't been marked as complete:

    A task that's in progress, indicated by a blue stripe along the left edge.
  • A green stripe indicates a task that's been marked as complete:
    A completed task, indicated by a green stripe along the left edge.


Task types

The icon on the Log work button indicates the task type:


Task Type

Android Example

iOS Example

Plus sign

This icon indicates a general or text task. For both of these task types, there's a notes field you can complete.



This icon indicates a meter reading task. In addition to the notes field, these tasks also have a field for you to record meter readings.


Magnifying glass

This icon indicates an inspection task. In addition to the notes field, these tasks also have Pass and Fail buttons for you to record the results of the inspection.

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