Release Notes: August 4, 2020

We've introduced two new ways to complete tasks in our mobile app:

When you close a task using either of these features, the app automatically records the estimated time as the time spent. For example, if the estimated time for the task was 4 hours, the app would record 4 hours as the time spent completing the task.

Tip: Need to reopen a tasyou marked as complete? See Reopen a Task to learn how.

To learn more about these features, use the links above to jump to the appropriate section. To learn about bugs that were fixed in this version, see the Bug fixes section at the end of this article.

Quick complete

You can now complete all of the general and text tasks on a work order at once by clicking the new Quick complete button:

The Tasks tab with the Quick complete button highlighted.

If the work order has any inspection or meter reading tasks, you'll need to complete those individually, using one of the other two methods of completing tasks. To learn more about completing tasks, see Complete Tasks on a Work Order


Swipe to complete

You can now mark individual tasks as complete by swiping left on them. When you swipe left on a meter reading or inspection task, the app prompts you to input your reading or inspection result:

The Enter reading field that's displayed on meter reading tasks when you swipe left.

Want to see this feature in action? Check out the video below:

To help you get started using this feature, we've also added a mini tutorial that's displayed the first time you view tasks after upgrading to this version:

The Tasks tab in a work order with the mini tutorial displayed. It walks users through swiping to close tasks.

To learn more about completing tasks, see Complete Tasks on a Work Order.


Bug fixes

The following bug was fixed in this version:




When users logged work, the app reordered tasks unexpectedly (Android only).

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