Release Notes: July 28, 2020

We've added two new features to our NetSuite connector:

Both features are disabled by default. To enable either of them, contact a Fiix representative.

To learn more about these features, use the links above to jump to the appropriate section.

Smart bin management

With this feature enabled, Fiix rolls bin-level inventory to the bin's parent location, including all inventory received from NetSuite. This is useful for customers who want to track inventory at the location level, rather than the bin level.


Once you've enabled smart bin management, it cannot be disabled. Make sure that this configuration will work for you before requesting it.

Auto-receive non-stock inventory

This feature addresses an issue that occurs when you generate a purchase order for non-stock inventories in Fiix and then send it to NetSuite for processing and fulfillment. Since NetSuite doesn't track the location and quantity for non-stock inventory items, this information is not included when the updated PO is pushed back to Fiix, requiring you to update it manually.

With this feature enabled, Fiix persists the stock details throughout the ordering and receiving cycle (even for items flagged as non-stock inventory in NetSuite), which means fewer manual updates to your data. If we can't match the inventory in a PO from NetSuite to a stock item in Fiix, we send you an email to notify you of the issue.

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