Release Notes: July 6, 2020

This release includes the following new features:

To learn more about these changes, use the links above to jump to the corresponding section in these release notes.

Improvements to search functionality

To improve system performance, we've changed how you initiate a search in the web app. To start your search, enter your search term and then press Enter.

We've updated the placeholder text in the Search field to help remind users of this change:


Failure codes in the mobile app

Before You Begin

This feature is only available on our Enterprise tier, and failure codes must be enabled and assigned to work orders. To learn more, see How to use failure codes on a work order.

You can now view and update failure codes in the mobile app. If you're online, you can also view closed work orders that were assigned the same problem code.

To access failure codes, tap Failure Codes in Work Orders > Details:

Details tab of a work order with the Failure codes section highlighted.

To learn more, see Assign Failure Codes to Work Orders.

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