Start using parts forecaster

Before you begin

This feature is available to customers on the Professional and Enterprise tiers who use the parts and supplies module.

Getting started with the parts forecaster is easy! Contact a Fiix representative to request access, and we’ll ask you some questions to help customize the report to your organization’s needs. You don’t need to take any additional action; we’ll enable and customize the feature for you.

When it’s enabled, you’ll receive your Parts Forecast reports via email, along with CSV files. The report displays the predicted part usage (for both scheduled and corrective maintenance), stock information, and our recommended purchase quantity:

A sample Parts Forecast, organized by facility room.


Your report can look a little different depending on the customizations you choose. To learn how to read the report, see Reading the Parts Forecast feport. To learn more about customizing the report, see Customizations for the parts forecaster.

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