Release Notes: June 16, 2020

This release includes the following new features:

To learn more about these changes, use the links above to jump to the corresponding section in these release notes.


Before You Begin

This feature is only available on our Enterprise tier. To enable this feature in your CMMS, contact a Fiix representative.

Our new e-signatures feature (which was previously in beta) has now been officially released. When enabled, users can sign work orders using the mobile app.

To learn more, see About Setting Up E-Signatures.



We've added translations for 5 additional languages to our web and mobile apps. These new languages are:

  • German

  • Norwegian

  • Portuguese (Brazil)

  • Portuguese (Portugal)

  • Russian

To use the web app in one of these languages, your user account language must be set to it. Typically, this would be configured by an administrator. To learn more about changing a user's language settings, see Changing Individual User Languages.

In the mobile app and work request portal, we respect the user's device language. This means that if your device is set up to use one of these languages, the mobile app and work request portal are automatically displayed in the appropriate language.


Mobile app enhancements

In addition to changes to support e-signatures and the 5 additional languages listed above, the following enhancements were also made to the mobile apps:

  • [iOS] We improved the accessibility of the iOS app by updating the color of our buttons and icons for better visibility. The new colors meet the WCAG 2.0 Level AA standard.

  • [iOS] In our iOS app, we improved barcode and QR code scanning, as well as performance in Work Order and Asset lists.

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.


API enhancement

Our API (version 2.12.0) now supports read access of the ScheduleTrigger table. You can use this functionality to report on upcoming scheduled maintenance.

To learn more, see the new ScheduleTrigger section in our API Reference.

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