Basic setup: Users

Before You Begin

This article covers only the most basic steps for creating user accounts. To learn about additional configuration you can complete for user accounts, see the Users and Permissions section.

Before users can access the app, you must first create user accounts for them. The number of user accounts you'll be able to activate depends on how many licenses (also called "seats") you've purchased. To learn more, see Add or Remove Seats.

To create a user account:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Users.

  2. Click New.

  3. Enter the user's full name.

  4. If you want the user to be able to receive email notifications and/or set their own password, enter their email address:

    Account tab in the user account with Email Address field highlighted.
  5. In the Language drop-down list, select the user's preferred language.

  6. In the User Name field, type the username they'll use to log in to the app (for example "cyork" or "calvin.york"):

    Account tab in the user record with User Name field highlighted.
  7. In the Groups tab, select the checkbox next to the group this user should belong to. For example, if this new user is a technician, select the checkbox next to the Technicians user group:

    Groups tab in the user record with the Technicians user group selected.

    We offer 6 default user groups that represent the most common user types and permissions. If you want to create additional user groups to better suit your organization's needs, see Set Up User Groups.

  8. Click Save.

  9. If you're ready to set the user account live (in other words, if you're ready for the user to start logging in to their account), complete the steps below. Otherwise, you can continue setting up the app, and then come back to this step later.

    1. Click the Status toggle:

      User account with the Status toggle highlighted. The toggle is set to Inactive.
    2. In the window that appears, select whether you want to set the user's password for them, or have them set it themselves.

      You can only have the user set their own password if you entered an email address in step 4 above.

    3. If you selected Set password manually, type a password for the user in the New Password and Repeat New Password fields.

    4. Click OK.

Repeat the steps above for any additional users you want to create.

That completes the basic user account setup! To learn more about additional items you can configure for user accounts, such as notifications, reporting structure, and certifications, see Set Up New Users. You can also create your own user groups or change user group permissions.

For a full list of articles about setting up users and permissions, see the Users and Permissions section.

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