Release Notes: May 12, 2020

We've updated our report offerings by adding three new reports (one of which replaces an existing report):

Use the links above to jump to the corresponding section and learn more about each report.

Schedule Compliance by Site

This report displays each site's schedule compliance, which is the percentage of work orders generated through scheduled maintenance that were completed by their suggested completion date. It's similar to the existing Schedule Compliance widget in our dashboards, but lets you select multiple sites you want to view the compliance percentage for.

The report also contains a section that lists all non-compliant work orders, along with their suggested completion date and how many days late they were.


Latest Meter Reading by Asset Category, Asset, and User

This report displays the latest meter reading for your assets, which is useful in determining how close you are to a scheduled maintenance being triggered. You can filter the report by asset, asset category, and the user who recorded the reading. You can also select which date to run the report for.

If you run the report for a date in the past, it includes the latest meter reading as of the date you selected. For example, Asset A has two meter readings: one from January and one from February. If you ran the report for January 31, it would return the January reading because that was the latest meter reading as of that date.


Detailed Employee Hours

This report replaces the old Detailed Employee Hours report, which as been renamed to "[Legacy] Detailed Employee Hours". Like the old report, this new version provides a summary of the labor and hours logged by a specific employee during a period of time. However, it also features a new, cleaner layout and provides better data for organizations with sites in multiple timezones.

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