Switching to the new mobile app: FAQs

As you might have seen in our recent messaging about our legacy mobile app, we're encouraging users to move to our new mobile app. This article helps answer some questions you might have about the transition. 

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Why did you build a new app?

As much as we love our legacy app, we wanted to make significant improvements to your mobile experience, which required us to build a new app with the latest technology. With this new app, we can provide new features such as an offline mode, faster sync speeds, improved security, an upgraded app interface, and more.

For example, the new app provides you the ability to work in offline mode. This means that you can access your data even if you’re in an area without an internet connection. This is particularly useful for technicians working in remote areas: simply log the information you need, and the app syncs it for you once you have internet coverage again

The new app is also built native to your device’s operating system. This means that your data is more secure, you can access native mobile features, and the interface is designed to feel comfortable and more intuitive. Some device features you can access through this new app include your microphone and your camera, which give you functionality like speech-to-text dictation, scanning QR codes, and capturing and uploading images.

The new mobile app is focused entirely on the technician experience, meaning that technicians can focus and complete their work using only their mobile device, rather than having to go back and forth between the equipment and a work station.

How do I know which version I'm using?

The easiest way to identify which version of the app you're using is by looking at the app icon. This is the legacy app icon:


And this is the new app icon:


Why are you removing the legacy Android app from the Play Store?

The legacy Android app is no longer supported, and we will not be making any updates to it.

As of June 8, 2020, it will be removed from the Play Store to prevent users from accidentally installing this unsupported version.

Are you removing the legacy iOS app from the App Store?

For the time being, the legacy iOS app will still be available in the App Store. However, as with the Android version, we do not support the legacy version of this app and we will not be making any updates to it. As a result, we encourage you to start learning how to use the new app.

Can I still use the legacy app?

Yes, if you already have the legacy Android or iOS app installed, you can continue to use it.

However, once the Android legacy app is removed from the Play Store, you will no longer be able to install it. Although the iOS app will still be available in the App Store for a while, we recommend starting to transition your team to the new mobile app now, so that they have time to learn how to use it.

Why are you sunsetting the legacy app?

As mentioned in the answer to the first question, the new app provides additional capabilities, such as offline mode. We're excited about this new app, and sunsetting the legacy app allows us to focus our attention on developing even more new features for the new app.

Do you have resources to help us make the switch?

Yes! We've produced a few resources to help you make the switch, including a quick-start guide and instructions for how to remove the legacy app and install the new one.

We also have a section here in the help center that's devoted entirely to helping you use our new mobile app, including answers to some frequently asked questions, such as "Why can't I see all the work orders" and "How does sync work?"

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