Release Notes: April 28, 2020

This release includes the following new features:

To learn more about these features, use the links above to jump to the corresponding section in these release notes.

Swedish and Danish translations

We've added Swedish and Danish translations to our web and mobile apps.

To use the web app in one of these languages, your user account language must be set to Swedish or Danish. Typically, this would be configured by an administrator. To learn more about changing a user's language settings, see Changing Individual User Languages.

In the mobile app and work request portal, we respect the user's device language. This means that if your device is set up to use Swedish or Danish, the mobile app and work request portal are automatically displayed in the appropriate language.

Dashboard enhancements

As part of our continued work to improve our dashboard widget filters, we've added the Charge Department filter to the following widgets:

  • Closed Work Orders

  • High Priority Work Orders

  • Overdue Work Orders

  • Open Work Orders

  • Work Requests

You can use this filter to display work that's being charged to a specific department (also called a cost center). To learn more about charge departments, see Charge Departments and Accounts.

We've also updated how the Work Order Backlog widget displays results. Previously, it displayed results in the highest possible unit, which meant that results could be displayed in days or weeks. Now, the widget always displays results in hours, regardless of how large the backlog is.

Asset custom fields on mobile

Before You Begin

This feature is only available on the Enterprise tier. To allow users to edit custom fields on assets using the mobile app, you must assign them the Asset > Change API permission. To learn more, see New Fiix CMMS App - Enabling Mobile Features.

 You can now view and edit custom fields on assets in the mobile app. To access custom fields, tap the new More details field on the Details tab of your asset. Here, you can search for, filter, and edit custom fields.

To learn more about custom fields in the mobile app, see New Fiix CMMS App: Edit Custom Fields On An Asset.

Landscape mode

Do you use the Fiix mobile app on an iPad? Great news: you can now use it in landscape mode!

Tip: Before trying to use the app in landscape mode, make sure you've turned off the Portrait Orientation Lock on your iPad.

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