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Mobile app FAQs

This article answers frequently asked questions about the Fiix mobile app. Use the links below to jump to the appropriate question:

Why can't I see all the work orders in the mobile app?

In the Work Orders feature, you can view:

  • Active work orders assigned to you, your user group, or anyone who reports to you.

  • Active work orders you're set up to receive notification about (i.e. where another user has added you to the Notification tab in the web app).

  • Your closed work orders, within 24 hours after they've been closed.

  • Work requests for the assets you have access to (in the Work Requests tab).

Additionally, in the Assets feature, you can view the work order history for your assets. To learn more, see View the Work Order History for an Asset.

If you can't find a work order, double-check that:

  • The work order is active.

  • The work order is assigned to the appropriate person (you, your user group, or someone who reports to you), and their user account is active.

  • The correct site is selected.

  • The user assigned to the work order is also assigned to the asset in the Personnel tab (in the web app).

How does the sync work?

Our mobile app automatically syncs when as you make changes. It also syncs regularly with the web app at the following intervals:

  • The Android app syncs every 15-20 minutes

  • The iOS app syncs every 10 minutes

You can check when your app last synced by tapping More in the feature menu. The last sync time appears just after your name:

The More screen with the last sync time displayed after the user's first and last name.

To sync manually, tap the Refresh button (sync_button.png) in More.

Why can't I access certain features?

Depending on how your administrator has configured the app, you might not have access to some of the features we describe. If you can't access a feature you need, contact your administrator.

If you're an administrator looking to enable mobile features for your users, see Enabling Mobile Features to learn more.

Why can't I assign failure codes?

Failure codes are only available on the Enterprise tier, and must be enabled by your administrator.

If the failure codes feature doesn't appear in a work order, it could be for one of the following reasons:

  • Your administrator hasn't enabled failure codes. To learn about enabling them, see Enable Failure Codes.

  • The work order has multiple assets. Failure codes are only available on single-asset work orders.

If the failure codes feature appears, but the code you want to assign isn't displayed, it could be for one of the following reasons:

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