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How do I add or remove a field from the form?

You can add or remove fields in CMMS Settings > Guest Portal. The Form section at the bottom of the page shows the fields that are currently in the form:


To add a new field:

  1. Click Add Field.
  2. Click the field you want to add. The app moves it from the available list (on the left) to the selected list (on the right).
    Tip: If you click a field in error, remove it by clicking it in the selected list (on the right). The app moves it back to the available list (on the left).
  3. Repeat step 2 for any additional fields you want to add.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Click Save.

To remove fields:

  • To remove one field, hover over it in the list. The app displays a Delete icon (delete_icon.png) next to the field. Click the Delete icon, and then click OK.
  • To remove multiple fields, select the checkbox to the left of each field you want to delete. Click the Delete icon (delete_icon.png) at the bottom of the list, and then click OK.

Note: You can't remove the Description or Site ID fields.

To learn more about the work request form, see Configure the work request form.

How do I require guests to enter their email address to log in?

In Settings > CMMS Settings, select the Require guest email address checkbox (which is located in the Sign-in Requirements section):


To learn more about sign-in requirements, see Configure sign-in requirements.

How do I configure permissions for guests?

By default, your CMMS comes preconfigured with a Guest user account and a Guest user group. The Guest user group provides access only to the work request portal; all other features are disabled, as guests don't need access to anything else in the app.

The Guest user account (which is the account that we use automatically for anyone who's using the work request portal) is automatically assigned the Guest user group. Other than providing guests access to any sites they need to submit requests for (which is covered in the next question), you shouldn't need to change the permissions for guests.

How do I specify which sites guests can submit requests for?

Guests will only be able to submit requests for the sites you grant them access to. For example, if the Guest user account only has access to Site A and Site B, they won't have the option to submit requests for Site C.

To allow a guest access to submit requests for a site:

  1. In Settings > Users, click Guest.
  2. Click Sites & User Groups.
  3. Click the Add button (add_button.png).
  4. In the Site drop-down list, select the site you want to give the user access to submit requests for.
  5. Select the Guests checkbox:
  6. Click OK.
  7. Repeat steps 3-6 for any additional sites you want guests to be able to submit requests for.
  8. Click Save.

How do I direct guests to a single site for logging requests?

If you enable the work request portal at the tenant level, guests will be able to submit requests for any sites they have access to. These sites are displayed in the Site drop-down list:


If you enable the work request portal at the site level, guests don't see the Site drop-down list. Instead, you'd send guests a link to the appropriate site-specific URLs. These URLs are displayed when you select the Enable guest portal at the site level option:


Note: The list only displays sites that the Guest user account has access to. To learn how to grant access to additional sites, see the How do I specify which sites guests can submit requests for? section above.

For example, if you want guest users at your Toronto site to only submit work requests for Toronto, and guest users at your Ottawa site to only submit work requests for Ottawa, you'd provide Toronto guests with the Toronto URL and Ottawa users with the Ottawa URL. If some users need to submit requests at both sites (for example, if they sometimes work in Toronto and sometimes in Ottawa), you could provide that third group of users with both URLs.

Why can I add fields in the work request portal, but not in the mobile app?

The work request portal is a website, which makes it significantly easier to customize. The ability to customize native mobile apps is much more limited. Unfortunately, this means that we are unable to provide the same level of customization in our mobile app.

How do I report on work requests?

The Requested Work Orders List Report provides information about your work requests, such as the requester and the date the request was submitted. You can filter the report by attributes like asset and maintenance type to refine your results.

Does the work request portal support other languages?

Yes. In addition to English, the work request portal is also available in the following languages:

  • Danish
  • French (Canada)
  • French (France)
  • German
  • Norwegian
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Portuguese (Portugal)
  • Russian
  • Spanish 
  • Swedish

The portal respects your device's language settings. That means that if your device is set to use one of the languages listed above, the portal is automatically displayed in that language.

To learn how to change your device language, click the appropriate link below:

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