How to tell which version of the work request portal you're using

We currently support two versions of our feature that allows guest users to submit work requests:

During this transition, we'll still have help available for both versions. But how will you know which one you're using?

Thankfully, the two versions look quite different, so they're relatively easy to identify. The sections below provide guidance and images to help you identify which one you're using.

Accessing the portal or guest request feature

Before you can tell which version you're using, you'll have to access the feature. Depending on how it's configured, you'll do that in one of two ways:

  • By clicking the Submit Maintenance Service Request link on the login screen:
  • By navigating to a site-specific URL that your administrator provided to you.

From there, the CMMS opens the work request portal or the legacy feature. Use the images in the sections below to figure out which version you have.

The new work request portal

The first thing you see in the new work request portal is a login screen, where you're prompted to enter your name and (possibly, depending on how it's been configured) your email address:


If you see the screen above, you're using the new version. To learn more about this version, see About the work request portal.

The legacy guest request feature

The legacy guest request feature doesn't have a login screen. Instead, depending on your configuration, it either displays a site picker or immediately opens the request form:



If you see either of the screens above, you're using the legacy guest request feature. To learn more about this version, see the Guest Work Requests section.

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