Release Notes - August 20 2019

New Feature

Site Timezone

Note: This feature is only available to customers on the Professional tier or above, who have enabled multi-site support.

Administrators can now configure a timezone for each of their sites.

Changing the site's timezone allows non-admin users to view that site's data using the local timezone, rather than having to do manual conversions. Furthermore, scheduled maintenance now triggers work orders based on the site's timezone, which prevents an issue where a work order could be overdue as soon as it's received in cases where there's a big difference between the system and local timezones.

We also updated our API to support this functionality. The new GetTimezone RPC returns a list of sites with the respective timezones and the system timezone.

To learn more about the site timezone feature, see Change the timezone for a site.



We made the following changes to the Android app:

  • You can now add additional labor to tasks that already have labor logged against them. 
  • Need to add an asset to a work request? Find the asset faster using the new search bar.
  • The app now respects the guest maintenance settings you've configured in the web app. This means that if you've disabled guest maintenance requests, the app now prevents users from submitting them.
  • It's now much simpler to edit work orders. We've removed the edit icon, so you can just edit the fields directly when you're viewing the work order's details.
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