Release Notes - July 23 2019

New Feature

We are proud to announce the release of our Fiix Integration Hub, which allows you to integrate Fiix with a wide range of sensors, machines, and ERP systems. 

Read more about it in the article below:

Integration Hub



We released a new version of the Fiix APIs! The latest version of our API is currently 2.10.0. The SDKs and API documentation have been updated as well.

Purchasing via APIs is now possible with Fiix and we can't wait for you to try this out on your system.

Below is a brief summary of the changes that have been made to support this functionality:

  • New field intUpdated (read-only) has been added to existing objects for polling updates.
  1. Account
  2. AssetCategory
  3. Business
  4. BillingTerm
  5. ChargeDepartment
  6. Receipt
  7. ReceiptLineItem
  8. ReceiptStatus
  • New Objects have been added for supporting Purchasing via APIs and Stock Adjustment use-cases.
  1. PurchaseOrder
  2. PurchaseOrderLineItem
  3. PurchaseOrderStatus
  4. StockHistory
  5. StockTxType
  • New RPC added for Purchasing via APIs.
  1. StocksReceived



iOS users of our New Fiix CMMS mobile app can now allow other user groups to view guest work requests and assign them to themselves or others. This allows configured non-admin users to view all work requests and assign them as well. You can read more in the article below:

New Fiix CMMS App - Viewing, Editing And Assigning Work Requests


Happy Fiixing! 

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