New Fiix CMMS App - FAQ

This article will answer these frequent questions concerning the New Fiix CMMS App.


Question 1. Why can't I see all the Work Orders on the mobile app?


The application is designed to show you Work Orders in an Open state that are assigned to you or your User Group.

1.  The Work Order should be assigned to the appropriate person, yourself or User Group
2. The User should navigate to the appropriate Site and must be assigned to that Site to view the assigned Work Order
2. The User has to be active
5. The User must be assigned to an Asset in the 'Personnel' tab of that Asset to see a Work Order which isn't assigned. Note that the Work Order must be in an active state for this to apply. (e.g. Open, Assigned, etc.)

Refer to this article: Assign A User Or Group To An Asset Or Facility

For Work Requests (i.e. Work Orders in a pending status), the Administrator can assign these Work Requests thereby converting those to a Work Order.

Refer to this article: New Fiix CMMS App - Allow User Group To Set Asset Online/Offline


Question 2. How does the Fiix CMMS App sync work?


The Fiix CMMS App auto-syncs works differently for the Android and iOS application.

Currently, the Android app auto-syncs every hour and the iOS app auto-syncs every 10 - 15 minutes.

Both apps will sync if a change is made.

With the offline capabilities on the new mobile app, we have also included an area to display when the app last synced so that you are always aware.


For Android, the manual sync button appears on the Work Order listing page, this will show at the left-hand corner of the screen.




For iOS, the manual sync button is on the More page. Tap the More button on the bottom right corner, you'll find a manual sync option (a refresh button) on the top right-hand corner. Under your name, it will display when the app was last synced.




For immediate syncing, we recommend hitting the refresh button just to ensure that the data your maintenance team is viewing is fully up to date.


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