Introduction to SSO

Securely log in to Fiix with your own corporate login with our SSO implementation .

 Fiix single sign-on (SSO) improves security and compliance by allowing you to use your IdP to manage authentication and logins to Fiix.

 Rather than having to remember yet another unique password, your users will be able to securely access Fiix from their corporate login.

 Your IT team will also be able to easily ensure the right people have access to Fiix by centrally administering user authentication.  

 Fiix SSO is available on Fiix’s web CMMS and native Android and iOS mobile applications.

How it works


  1. First, Fiix’s Professional Services team will set up your IdP  on the Fiix system. An Enterprise User Identity Provider (IdP) is the system that authenticates your employees’ login information at a corporate level.
  2. Your users will use their corporate credentials to log into Fiix.
  3. Once they login, users will be redirected to your corporate login page to enter their username and password.
  4. Once this is complete, the device will stay logged into Fiix.

Protocols supported

  • SAML2.0
  • OpenID Connect


For more information on SSO set up and pricing visit us at  or contact your Customer Success Manager for more information .

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