What is Single Sign-On?

Single Sign-On (SSO) uses a user identity provider (IdP) to allow users to log onto an application. When a user is logged into one application through Single Sign-On, they will then be signed in to other applications automatically, despite any difference in platform, technology, or domain. The user only has to sign in one time to access these other apps.


How do I log out? What is the difference between a Fiix logout and an IdP logout?

A Fiix logout will end your session in Fiix. This does not necessarily mean that the user will be logged out of their IdP.

An IdP logout means that you must re-enter your  Enterprise credentials through your IdP portal in order to regain access to Fiix.



I'm looking to learn more about SSO. Who needs to be involved in a call?

Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to start your discussion around getting SSO .

Since SSO setup requires some configuration from your end ,  you might want to get your IT team be involved in the call as well.


Can I configure SSO myself?

Since Fiix SSO requires configuration between our systems and yours, Our Professional Services team must be involved in setting up your SSO.

Our configuration service includes mapping your IdP to Fiix users and extensive testing to ensure that SSO is running optimally. 


How long will it take to get SSO ready?

Once we have all the necessary information , a typical SSO configuration will take our team 24 hours to set up. There is a cost to configuration, please see our site for more details 

As with all other Professional Services engagements, timing for SSO configuration will depend on the availability of the Professional Services team


What protocols do you support ?

Fiix SSO supports OpenID Connect and SAML2.0 protocols.


Can I log in with my normal username and password if I have SSO enabled?

No, You will not be able to login with a Fiix username:password. Additionally, there is no forgot password flow in Fiix for SSO users. SSO users must redirect to IdP for forgotten passwords.


I have an On-Premise idP , can I use the Fiix SSO?

Yes, you can use an on-premise idP but only if it has a cloud connector.






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