Release Notes - November 13 2018



Developers rejoice! We have made some robust improvements to our API Documentation.

We have added additional Java code examples to the API Reference Document,  which is the key source for developers to work with APIs.

API Documentation 

Our  API Documentation was originally for developers that use Java or Javascript.  Now, for developers that want to use different tools, we have  prepared a document on how to use our API without an SDK

How to use Fiix API without an SDK

For all of you non-developers, if you are just starting out, or you want a better understanding of the API, we also have a list of frequently asked questions for non-technical users.

Fiix API

Please remember that the implementation of API integrations does require you to have programming knowledge, and while our technical support team does not offer assistance or consultation on custom coding, if want to know more, or to discuss your specific API needs and requirements, please reach out to your Customer Success Managers at

Happy coding!

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