Viewing, editing, and assigning work requests

Before you begin: This feature must be enabled by an administrator before you can access it. To learn more, see Enable viewing work requests in the mobile app.

This article will explain how to convert a Work Request (pending status) to an active Work Order and how to add new tasks to the Work Request using the Fiix CMMS App.

Non-admin users will need to have the prerequisite Page Permission enabled.

  1. Choose a User Group Work 
  2. Under the user group profile -  Select the page permission tab,
  3. Scroll down and find the following permission Can Access the 'Work Order Administration ' Page
  4. Enable the ability for the user group to access and save the Work Order Administrator.
  5. Save

Step 1
. Open the Work Order. You can view, edit Work Requests and assign them to other Users following the steps below.

Step 2. Go to the  Requests tab,  ( this is the Work Requests tab on Android.)

Step 3. Click on a Work Request

Step 4. Add or edit details such as Assets, Priority, Maintenance Type, Work Order Status, Due Date

Note that Work Orders in a requested status are in a pending state. Ensure that you change the status to an Open status or any other active status (e.g. Assigned, Work in Progress, etc.) so that the notifications can get sent and it can show up on  To-Do lists.

To learn how to add more Work Order statuses, you can go to the article below:

Add a Work Order Status


To add a new Task to the Work Request, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Click on Tasks

Step 2. On Android, you will see a floating + sign you can use to add tasks. For iOS, Click on Add tasks

Step 3. Add or change Task Type, put in additional task-specific details in the Description and you can also include Estimated Time for that Task

Step 4. Click Done once complete and Submit to save this Work Order

You may also choose to add Files to the Work Request.







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