New Fiix CMMS App -Create a Guest Work Request ( without logging in )

Please Note: You can only create a guest work request when you are online 

1. From your Fiix CMMS mobile login page, select 'Create a work request'.

2. Enter your company domain.

3. Fill out your Name, Email, and Phone number. Note that one method of contact is mandatory.

4. If you have multi-site configured, select the Site that you want the work order for.

If your Admin has multisite enabled, they can opt for you, as a guest user, to select the site you want to make the work request for.

5. Enter the description you want on the work order

6. Upload a file by selecting 'Add photo' to take a picture

7. Click Submit


For iOS





For Android




Your work request is now on its way to your Account Managers and Admins.

If you put in your email address you will receive an email confirming that your Work Request was created as well as when the work request is in a closed status.


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