New Fiix CMMS App-Adding unplanned parts to a Work Order

If you wish to add an unplanned part to a Work Order, you can!

See the steps below.

Step 1. Select a Work Order > Navigate to Parts

Step 2. Click on the + button (On iOS, also click Add Part). This will bring up a list of parts sorted by stock location.


The list displays, Quantity on hand (Qty on hand), the part name under the respective stock location and also shows Aisle, Row, and Bin for each part if the information is available.

Clicking on a part opens a dialog on Android where you can either add the number of parts used or choose to cancel the addition of the part to the Work Order.


Step 3. Add the number of parts used

Step 4. Click Apply to save the changes. For iOS, Click Save. The part will get added to the Work Order

Note: Although you can change the quantity used by clicking Use Parts, the part cannot be removed from the Work Order through the mobile application.







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