New Fiix CMMS App-Complete Tasks and Close a Work Order

This article explains how to complete tasks and close a Work Order using the New Fiix CMMS App.

To complete tasks follows the steps below:

Step 1. Select a Work Order

Step 2. Navigate to the Tasks tab of your chosen Work Order


                             For Android                              



                                  For iOS


All Tasks have a color strip to the left indicating their status.

Tasks on your To-do list are Grey.

Tasks you have Started are Blue.

Completed or Done Tasks are Green.

Overdue Tasks are Red.


In the example below, we are going to complete a General task.


Step 3. Select the task > Click on Log work

Here you can enter the time you spent on the task, this also gives you a chance to enter additional task completion details.

Step 4. When you have entered the details you want to save, toggle the Complete Task button for Android.

If you have other open tasks, your work order moves to the Started tab of your maintenance page.


                                 For Android                                              



                                      For iOS


Once a task is complete, the completed task color strip will change from grey to green.

When a task within a Work Order is completed, the Work Order will move to the Started tab. 


To close the Work Order:


Step 5. Go to the Details tab

Step 6. Change the Work Order status to one of the statuses with a closed status, (e.g. Closed, Completed).

When all the tasks within a Work Order are completed, the Work Order moves to the Done tab of the Maintenance page.


                              For Android                              



                                  For iOS


This removes the Work Order from your view.


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