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Release Notes -6 February 2018


Introducing Maintenance Expense widget and Project Expense widget to the new Dashboard - you can now see the sum of labor cost, parts cost and miscellaneous cost associated to closed work orders or projects directly on the dashboard so that you can closely monitor expenses. You can configure the widgets to suit your business needs, by using filters such as Maintenance Type and Start date.


Ability to report on inspection tasks - you can now run the Closed Work Order Details report to see a summary of inspection results. It will give you a standardized summary of all inspection results submitted since the launch of the feature in November 2017. This is one of the many benefits of using Inspection task type (as supposed to General, or Text task). 


Bug fixes:

Continuous scrolling on labor task did not function properly - the issue is now fixed

Custom workflows (enterprise feature) did not function properly  - the issue is now fixed

Overdue RFQ widget did not take into account of RFQ status- the issue is now fixed

File upload via drag and drop did not function properly - the issue is now fixed

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