Select, view and edit data by scanning barcodes, and Fiix QR codes

Note: This article is for the legacy version of our mobile app. Not sure which version you're using? Check out our FAQs for help on identifying which version you're using, as well as information about switching to the new app.


By using the mobile app, Fiix users can scan both barcodes, and Fiix QR codes. Barcode data can be added to existing assets by scanning barcodes using an Android or iPhone device. When scanning a barcode for an item that’s not currently in inventory, users can choose to add the new item to their inventory.  The same scanning function can be used to scan Fiix QR codes. Scanning a Fiix QR code brings up data associated with a particular asset including work orders, and asset information.

Note: Fiix QR codes can be printed off, adhered to assets and scanned using your mobile device.  See Print QR-code Asset Tags for a detailed explanation on printing Fiix QR codes.

The following procedure demonstrates how to add barcodes to existing assets, generate assets using barcodes, and how to scan Fiix QR codes.


1. Adding Barcodes to Existing Assets

Barcodes can be added to Locations/Facilities, Equipment, Tools and Parts by scanning barcodes using your mobile device. The procedure is similar for both all asset type.

1. Open an asset, and select the Edit button


2. Press the barcode button



3. Place the barcode within the viewfinder rectangle to scan the barcode


4. The barcode is automatically populated to the record

5. Press the blue Save save button to complete


2. Creating an Asset by Scanning a Barcode

This function can be performed from the Locations/Facilities, Equipment, Tools, and Parts modules. The procedure is the same for each module.

1. Select the Barcode button


2. Place the barcode within the viewfinder rectangle to scan the barcode



3. Press Create


4. Select the Asset Type


5. Add the information, and press the blue Save button


3. Scanning Fiix QR Codes

By scanning a Fiix QR code, information regarding the asset including work orders can be selected, displayed, and edited.

1. To scan Fiix QR codes, first select either the Work Orders, Locations/Facilities, Equipment, Tools, or Parts tab.  Alternatively you can use the Scan Barcode button on the Dashboard.


2. From here you will scan the QR Code


3. The information regarding the asset is generated


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