Create failure codes

Before You Begin

This feature is only available on the Enterprise tier.

Once problem codes are enabled, the next step is to start adding some codes that can be applied to the work order form. Codes can be added manually, or imported into to the CMMS. For information on how to import codes to your CMMS, see Import Problem, Cause, and Action Failure Codes. The instructions below are for manually adding failure codes.

1. To add a new problem code, click on the New button in the Problems window.


2. In the popup window enter the problem Code and Description. Click OK when finished. The Active field dictates whether the code is available for selection on the work order form. 


3. Your new, active problem code has been added to your CMMS. The next step is to add a cause. Click on the New button under the Causes window.


4. In the pop up window, repeat the process from step 2 above. Click OK to finish.


5. The final step is to add some action codes to the CMMS. To begin, click the New button.


6. In the pop up window, repeat the process from step 2 or 4 above. Click OK to finish.


7. Your new action code will be added to the CMMS. Repeat this process to add as many codes as you please to the CMMS.

Now your codes are in place, you can configure a failure code hierarchy. PCA codes can also be applied to work orders. To learn how to use failure codes in work orders, see How to use failure codes on a work order.

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