Step 5: Configure Guest Requests


Fiix's paid subscriptions comes with the guest user requestor as standard. The guest requestor user is ideal for organizations with a large number of people that don’t need full access to the CMMS. The guest work requests gives non-users on the CMMS the ability to submit a work request. They are also often called different things such as "maintenance tickets" or "job request".

The guest request portal is available on the log in screen of your CMMS:


1. Enable Guest Work Requests

1.  Click Settings, CMMS Settings, Work Requests, and select Guest Work Requests are enabled and available for public users on the login page

2. Click Save when done. Guests will now have the ability to submit work requests from the login page.


2. Configure Guest Portal Settings

Once the guest request portal has been turned on, there are a number of settings to configure related to work requests. Let's start from the top of the page and work down.

Work Request Defaults

When you create a guest work request, you are technically creating a work order in the requested status. When the work order is generated, it has the requested status. In the Work Request Defaults section, you can change this if necessary. 

For example, if you switch the default status to open, work orders will appear in the active work order list.


Standard Input Requirements

In this section, you can choose which input fields are available on the guest request form.

The first four checkboxes represent the standard fields available on both the guest work request form, and the standard work request form. You can choose to display the following:

  • Asset input. This field can be made mandatory.
  • Maintenance type
  • Priority
  • Suggested time


The remaining three options are for the standard work request form for logged in users. 


With these settings, it is possible to add users, or user groups to the work request so they too can be kept in the loop through work order notifications. 


Contact Information Input Requirements

When guest work requests have been enabled, it is possible to request contact information from the guest requestors so they can be routed email notifications when the work is complete. In addition, adding the contact form makes identifying the requestor easy if more clarification is needed.


You can choose to Show contact information Inputs, and make the fields mandatory if needed. You'll see the corresponding fields in the guest request portal:

Note:- The contact information inputs (name, phone number, and email) are either all mandatory or not at all.



CAPTCHA is a security code that will prevent robots and automated machines filling your CMMS with Spam. See for more details on CAPTCHA.


Enabling captcha on guest requests will present all guest users with the CAPTCHA on the guest request form:


3. Multi Site CMMS Users

Enable quick link routing to popup work service request form

Multi-site CMMS users will notice a checkbox under Guest Work Requests are enabled and available for public users on the login page. This gives you the ability to send quick guest work request links for each site in your multi-site CMMS. 

Copy the links and send them to the relevant guest users at each site. Alternatively, the links could be published on the company intranet.

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