How do I update my billing information?


This article demonstrates how to update your account billing information. Billing Information can only be updated by Account Owners.

What Payment Methods Can I Use?:

There are three types of payment methods:

  1. Credit Card
  2. Cheque 
  3. EFT - Electronic Funds Transfer

Fiix only accepts credit card payments for monthly subscriptions. You can pay by EFT, cheque, or credit card for annual subscriptions.  

Updating Credit Card Details:

The process of updating your credit card details is extremely quick and easy, and like most administrative issues, can be taken care of in the Account Settings section of your CMMS.

1.  Navigate to Settings, Account Settings and click the Update


2.  Enter your new card, and/or billing details. Once you have entered the correct details, click OK.

Your details will then be displayed on your Account Settings page and the card can be used for any transactions you wish to make.

How Do I Change From Credit Card To Cheque, or EFT?:

To change your payment details from Credit Card to Cheque, or EFT you will need to contact our account management team (p: 1 855 884 5619 x1) who will make the changes for you and provide you with the necessary details for the EFT.

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