Receipts (or receiving parts)


This procedure demonstrates how to create a new receipt in the receipts module. Receipts can be added to Equipment, Tools, and Parts and Supplies assets manually, or generated automatically when an item for a purchase order is received.  Adding receipt information is used to track costs, and identify the potential replacement value of an item.

There are 3 ways to receive parts in the system: On the purchase order, on the part record, or in the receipts section of the purchasing module.

Option 1:- Receive Parts on the Purchase Order

1.  To add the purchase order items to the CMMS, select the line items that were received, and click Received checked items.


2.  Add the Quantity Received, select the Date Received, Received To location from the dropdown menu, and click Receive


The purchase order is now complete


Option 2: On the part record itself

1. You can add receipts for a part through the Stock tab. To add a receipt, click New in the receipts section of the part record.


2. This generates a receipt in its Draft state. Fill in the following information as required:

  • Supplier
  • Date Ordered
  • Date Received
  • Quantity Received
  • Unit Price
  • Received To - You can receive parts to multiple locations, simply click Receive To Multiple Locations

3. Fill Click Receive when completed.

4. The receipt information will be displayed in the Stock tab.

Note: Adding the receipt updated the stock levels, as a quantity received was added to the quantity on hand.


Option 3:- In the Receipts section of Purchasing

1.  To create a new receipt select Purchasing, Receipts and New


2.  Select a Site


3.  Select a supplier from the Supplier dropdown menu, add the Date and the Date Received by clicking the calendars, enter the Packing Slip information, and click Save



4.  Click the New button to add items to the receipt



5.  Select the item from the dropdown menu for items that will be added to the CMMS inventory, or add a Description of the item for consumables that will not be added to the CMMS inventory.  You cannot use both options in the same instance. For either option used, enter the Quantity Received, and click OK


6.  Add all of the items linked to the receipt. For each item, add a Unit Price, and select the location where the item was Received To from the dropdown menu. Click Save.  This saves the receipt in a Draft state. Changes can be made to receipts in draft state.



7.  When the receipt is finalized, click Set Draft To Receive to update the CMMS with the new inventory



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