Release Notes 10-Jul-2016

New Features

FIFO inventory released (First in, First out). This gives CMMS users the ability to choose either Last Price or FIFO parts inventory management in their CMMS. FIFO means the price of the oldest items in stock are charged to the work order first.

[MCM-5931] - Indentation issue on Parts/Supplies and supplies screen. The parts were not showing up offset to the location. Issue resolved - the part is now offset to the location:


[MCM-6113] - When you try to associate an asset with a business, you receive an "Oops error message". Issue resolved - you can now associate assets with businesses in the CMMS through the business tab of the CMMS:

[MCM-5838] - Slow user list search - Server time is ~1300ms, Client time ~1600ms. Optimized the search algorithms and now Server time is 140ms, client time 208ms, leading to a 10x improvement.

[MCM-6130] - Please limit the number of decimal places on Parts index page to 3. If you consume less than 1 thousand of a unit of any part, it will be rounded up. 

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