Add a work order status


The status of a work order indicates its position in the processing cycle. It can also determine the actions that can be performed on a work order. A work order may progress through several statuses throughout its life cycle. Examples of default work order status types include draft, open, on hold, and closed. It is possible to create your own custom work order status types by following the steps outlined below.

Create a new work order status


1. Navigate to Settings - CMMS Settings - Lookup Tables and Select the "Add New Work Order Status" icon.


2. Create your new Work Order Status Type and Select its appropriate Control status:

There are four control status types to choose from:

  • Active - The work order is being worked on
  • Pending - The work order is suspended - On hold, waiting part, waiting vendor etc.
  • Draft - The Work order is in draft status
  • Closed - Work order complete, rejected etc.


3. When finished, Select OK to add your new Work Order Status to the CMMS.


4. You may add as many Work Order Status' as you like, simply follow the steps outlined above.

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