Assign and remove a user/user group to/from an asset?


This article will outline how to assign a user/user group to an asset. Adding a user to the Personnel tab of an asset can have a direct impact on the notifications one will receive from the CMMS. Therefore, it is important that users are assigned to the correct assets. This procedure is the same for both active and inactive users.


1. Add a user/user group to an individual asset.

1. A User or User Group can be assigned to an asset by selecting the asset, opening the Personnel tab and selecting Add New as highlighted below.


2. Select a User/User Group from the dropdown menu and click OK


2. Adding a user/user group to multiple assets in batches.

There is a trick to do this with the export and import tool in your CMMS. 

1. Select the assets you want to associate the user/user group to and click Export. Ensure you have the Asset Name and Asset Code columns displaying before you do the export. These are the mandatory columns. 


2. Add a 'User or Personnel Code' column to the exported spreadsheet and modify the 'User or Personnel Code' accordingly:


4. When complete, select Import.


5. Upload the modified CSV file and select Continue


6. Confirm mapping between the columns and select Continue


7. Ensure that you select Update for all the conflicts


8. Select Import



The batch User/User Group Asset assignments are now complete


For larger Asset groups, sample a small number first to ensure you have everything setup correctly.

This method of adding users/user groups to assets will ensure that:

  • Everyone in the group gets notified when there is a work order for these assets
  • Everyone in the group can be assigned to any work order for these assets
  • Everyone in the group gets notified when any of these assets change online/offline status.


3. Remove a user/user group from an asset:

1. To remove a User/User Group from the Asset open the asset, switch to the Personnel tab, hover over the user you want to remove, and click on the Trash Can icon.


2. Confirm the deletion.


The User/User Group has now been removed from the Asset

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