Fiix Mobile (Old App) - How to download and install the Mobile Application

Note: This article is for the legacy version of our mobile app. Not sure which version you're using? Check out our FAQs for help on identifying which version you're using, as well as information about switching to the new app.


This article outlines how to download, and install the mobile app. The Fiix mobile app is free to download, and can be can be downloaded by both paid and non - paid users of the CMMS.

1. How can I download the App?

The mobile app can be download for apple, or android devices.

  • Apple devices: Open the App Store and search for Fiix. This will direct you to the app. The next step is to press Get and install the app on your phone or tablet.
  • Android Devices: Open Google Play and search for Fiix. This will direct you to the app. The next step is to press Install and download the app to your phone or tablet.


2. Setting up the App

Now that the app has been downloaded, the next step is to set it up correctly. This is a quick, and easy process. The first step is to open the app. From here you will be met with the following screen.

1. Press I already have a CMMS if a Fiix CMMS already exist, or Create a CMMS, if a Fiix CMMS does not already exist


2. From here you will need to add your account name / subdomain, i.e ''. In this case we have entered It is important when using mobile devices that the first letter you enter does not revert back to a capital letter. This has been know to happen with smartphones and will lead to problems. Once you have your subdomain entered press Add your account.

Your account will now be ready to go


3. The next step is to sign in. To do this you simply press Sign In. You will also be able to manually verify you have the correct subdomain entered. If this does not match what you type into your desktop CMMS, then you have made a mistake, and will not be able to sign in. If you do make a mistake, press Reset Account and follow steps 1 and 2 again.


4. The next step is to enter your login details. These details will match those you use to sign in to your desktop version of the CMMS. Simply enter your username and password then press Log In

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