Configure API Permissions

Note: This article is for the legacy version of our mobile app. Not sure which version you're using? Check out our FAQs for help on identifying which version you're using, as well as information about switching to the new app.


This procedure demonstrates the two ways in which to configure the API permissions. API permissions are used to gain access to the API applications such as the mobile app.

Configuration Steps:

1. To configure API permissions, both methods start by selecting Settings, User Groups, a user group, and API Permissions


Method 1:

2. To copy the existing user group Page Permissions over to the API Permissions, select Infer API Permissions from Page Permissions.  This will match the user group Page Permissions with the corresponding API permissions where possible.  Some Page Permissions do not match directly with the API permissions. There is not a perfect 1:1 match between the two. Some manual adjustments may need to be made to the API permissions.


Method 2:

3. The API permissions can be manually adjusted. This is achieved by enabling or disabling various API Permissions.


4. After the changes have been made, click Save.


5. If you are logged into the mobile app press, Settings and Sync Settings to integrate the changes. If you are not signed into the mobile app, then the new settings will take affect next time you log in.

Hint: It’s helpful to sign-in to the mobile app and have it open while making changes to the API permissions. This will help to verify your changes.

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