Create Assets (Mobile)

Note: This article is for the legacy version of our mobile app. Not sure which version you're using? Check out our FAQs for help on identifying which version you're using, as well as information about switching to the new app.


This procedure demonstrates how to create Facilities, Equipment, and Part assets.

Create a Location/Facility:

1. Select Facilities


2. Select the Add button


3. Add the asset Name, Facility Type, address, Asset Description, and any files, or documents


4. Select the blue Save button to complete


5. Your new facility will now be visible


Create an equipment asset:

1. Navigate to Equipment, select the Add button in the top right corner of the screen



2. Fill in the Asset information, and select the blue Save button


3. Your new equipment will now be visible in your list of equipment


Create parts:

1. Open Parts, select the Add button


2. Fill in the parts information and click the blue Save button


3. Select the parts record


4. The next step is to set the Location and Stock Level. Select Stock, Add Stock, and enter the information


5. Once finished click Save, Your part will now be updated with its stock level and location. You can add documents, receipts etc to the part if needs be.



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